Staring Through Love

Festival du Nouveau Cinéma has partnered with Normal Studio to present Staring Through Love. This installation work, combining photography, video and film, will be on display throughout the festival at FNC headquarters.
The montage, which will be updated daily, presents augmented photographic portraits of festival guests taken by Ulysse del Drago

“Taking a portrait is always a unique experience.
Each time, it’s an intimate moment shared with another human being.
Each time, I learn something new about our human condition.
Each time, I dive into another’s world and I see myself reflected.
When taking someone’s photograph, I feel, almost every time, a feeling of love. Whatever their gender, age, physical build or social condition. Looking someone straight in the eye during a photo session, some would say, seems to produce phenylethylamine, the love hormone.
Regardless of the final result, for me, the portrait is a success when the gaze is well captured. When the human is dignified, serene. When the final image recreates that feeling of love I experienced during the photo shoot.
It is my secret hope that when people look at my images, they share this same sense of connection, this feeling of love.”

Ulysse del Drago

An installation by Festival du Nouveau Cinéma and Normal.Studio
Photographs Ulysse del Drago
Post-production Normal Studio x Daravong Thongsavath
In collaboration with the World Press Photo
With the support of Royal Photo

Normal is a new media studio specialized in scenic design and creative video content for live shows, broadcast events and large-scale projections.

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