Felix Van Groeningen

A man, a woman, an ailing child and music: a maelstrom of gut-wrenching emotions. 36-year-old Didier, a banjo player in a bluegrass group, worships all things American. Elise, 10 years his junior, owns a tattoo...

BELGIUM | 111 minutes | 2012

Felix Van Groeningen

O.V. Flemish

Tracking the fortunes of two brothers who get swept up in their club’s success, Belgica is an intense look at the night-life scene. Jo, who’s single, has just opened a club in Ghent: the Belgica. His...

BELGIUM | 126 minutes | 2016

Felix Van Groeningen

O.V. Dutch

A writer looks back on his misspent youth in a crazy, freewheeling epic by turns hilarious and cynical. Born into arguably the worst family in Flanders, Gunther Strobbe, 13, and his father and uncles live with...

BELGIUM | 108 minutes | 2009

Felix Van Groeningen

O.V. Dutch

Borne by the wild energy of its leads, Steve + Sky casts love as fractious and fragmented, but always compelling. 22-year-old Steve had met wheelchair-bound Jean-Claude while in prison. Once outside,...

BELGIUM | 97 minutes | 2004

Felix Van Groeningen

O.V. Flemish

Felix Van Groeningen films a reunion of old friends with restraint but still allows for the emotions to shine through. Once upon a time in the Flemish town of Sint- Niklaas, there were four friends. Flamboyant...

BELGIUM | 100 minutes | 2007

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