In partnership with the Groupe Intervention Vidéo, the Festival du nouveau cinéma is pleased to present Autour de FemLink-Art. 
Founded in 2005, FemLink-Art is a collective of 149 female visual artists from 64 countries whose aim is to build new artistic networks and transnational alliances. It’ll be an evening to question boundaries. The 62 minute video-collage Mâle (32 videos, 32 artists, 32 countries) will be followed by a discussion with one of FemLink-Art’s founders, Véronique Sapin, as well as members of the collective, Chantal duPont, Élaine Frigon, Helena Martin and, on the big screen live, artists :  Mónica Dower, Sabine Mooibroek and Fatima Mazmouz.

In collaboration with  Femlinkart & Giv

Picture from the short I DRAW MUCH MORE THAN I OUGHT TO DRAW BECAUSE IT BRINGS ME BACK YOU, Dorte Jelstrup (Denmark)


Wednesday October 12, 2016

Agora Hydro-Québec du Coeur des sciences
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