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QUEBEC, Canada | 92 minutes | 2016

Constitutionally precluded from claiming any right to self-determination, the Catalans stick to their guns. The separatist movement is gaining ground in Catalonia. Notwithstanding the Spanish Constitution (which states that Spain is indivisible, making any referendum thereby unconstitutional), 2.3 million people voted in the November 2014 de facto referendum. The results speak for themselves: 81% of Catalans are in favour of independence. Seizing this historic moment, filmmaker Alexandre Chartrand gives a voice to the civil society figures who have been propelled to centre stage in national politics. 


Friday October 14, 2016

Program #228
Cinéma Impérial

Alexandre Chartrand

No biography

The Cast, short-doc, 5:15 min, HD, Le Grand imagier Inc, 2014.
Tribute to Michel Brault, short-doc, 10:00 min, HD, ONF, 2013.
Au début du trait prolongé, fiction, 8:30 min , HD, Le Grand imagier, 2005.
Lemoyne, feature doc, 80:00 min, DV, Collectif oblique, 2005 (as producer).
The Plan, feature fiction, 75:00 min, DV, Le Grand imagier, 2004.

distribution and credits

  • Screenplay Alexandre Chartrand


  • Le Grand imagier Inc.
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