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ENGLAND | 90 minutes | 2016

A film about blindness that makes you see the light ? That’s the gamble taken by this poetic film, inspired by the audio book by theologian John Hull. Hull, born in 1935 in Australia, was a reputed professor of theology. But when he lost his sight completely in 1983, he began keeping an audio journal. For over three years, he amassed over 16 hours of recorded sounds, reflections and conversations to help him come to terms with his blindness. Based on the journal, which was published in 1990, Notes on Blindness creatively employs a complex visual vocabulary to better convey the sensations of a world that, if unseen, was vividly felt.

Presented with the virtual reality work Notes on Blindness (see page 47).


Thursday October 6, 2016

Program #12A
Cineplex Odeon Quartier SALLE 10

Saturday October 8, 2016

Program #69A
Cineplex Odeon Quartier SALLE 17

Pete Middleton

No biography

James Spinney

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distribution and credits

  • Screenplay Pete Middleton, James Spinney
  • Cast Dan Renton Skinner, Simone Kirby, John M. Hull, Marilyn Hull


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