UNITED STATES | 94 minutes | 1927

An ode to crazy love; a cinematic poem caressed by an electric guitar. Murnau’s silent masterpiece, scored by guitarist and composer Olivier Mellano, a major artist on France’s music scene (Miossec, Dominique A, etc.) Made with nothing more than a guitar and a few effects pedals, Mellano’s music is stunning in its fluidity. Feeding off the film’s pace, the music bolsters the film without diluting the cinematic and poetic power of the 1927 masterpiece by one of the all-time great directors.


Thursday October 6, 2016

Program #10
Cinémathèque - Salle Principale

Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau

No biography

distribution and credits

  • Screenplay Carl Mayer
  • Cast George O'Brien, Janet Gaynor, Margaret Livingston, Bodil Rosing
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