ARGENTINA, Canada | 100 minutes | 1989

The three children of a family of Buenos Aires spend their summer vacation at the ranch of their grandfather in the Argentine pampas. Beautifully photographed by Thomas Vamos, Fierro is a film about the end of childhood, joys, passions and challenges of growing up and growing old. The eighth film in the series Contes pour tous demonstrated, if need be, the immense talent of Melançon for such films.

For Felipe, nine years, life is perfect happiness; a new puppy and the treats of Ana, the sister of his grandfather. Daniel, 12, has the opportunity to prove that he is a man, managing to tame a wild horse. And Laura, 13, is no longer a child but not yet a woman. How will she approach adolescence in this traditionally macho world? Frederico's grandfather, a proud and stubborn man, must exorcise its old principles to keep the love of his grandchildren growing up.


Sunday October 16, 2016

Program #299 FREE
Pavillon Judith-Jasmin annexe (Salle Jean-Claude Lauzon)

André Melançon

No biography


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