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ARGENTINA | 96 minutes | 2016

Miguel, an ex-cop, goes undercover to free the kidnapped daughter of a high-placed judge. He will have to infiltrate the notorious San Onofre jail and befriend the gang of prisoners responsible for the young girl’s kidnapping. Betrayed, however, he realizes that his only solution is escape. Juan Minujín gives the performance of a lifetime in this fascinating, head-on, realistic exploration of the world of incarceration.

Saison 1 > épisodes 1 et 2
2 × 48 min (série 13 × 48 min)

Grand Prix Compétition Internationale 2016 Séries Mania


Friday October 7, 2016

Program #45
Pavillon Judith-Jasmin annexe (Salle Jean-Claude Lauzon)

Luis Ortega

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Javier Perez

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Alejandro Ciancio

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distribution and credits

  • Screenplay Adrián Caetano, Guillermo Salmeron
  • Cast Martina Gusman, Maite Lanata, Juan Minujín, Carlos Portaluppi, Gerardo Romano
  • Creator Sebastian Ortega
  • Broadcaster TV Pública


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