HONG KONG, Germany, Hong Kong | 4 minutes | 2015

All Rot uses photographic reanimation to render the mundane environment of a decaying crazy golf course into a rapturous split-screen experiment in synesthetic cinema.


Monday October 10, 2016

Program #125
Cinémathèque - Salle Principale


Friday October 14, 2016

Program #233
Cinémathèque - Salle Principale


Max Hattler

No biography

Five (HK 2016, music: Gustav Mahler)
III=III (HK/DE 2016, sound: Jean-Gabriel Becker)
Spring Energy (HK/DE 2016, silent)
Shapeshifter (HK/UK/DE 2016, sound: Jean-Gabriel Becker)
All Rot (UK/DE/HK 2015, 4’00”, sound: Matthias Kispert, Max Hattler)
—O| (VE/UK/DE/HK 2015, sound: Abilio Salmerón, Edgar Moreno, Max Hattler)
The Many Faces of Fernando Pessoa (BE/DE/HK 2015, 2’00”, sound: Martins Strautnieks)
Short of the Week: Prismatic (HK/DE 2015, 0’05”, sound: Max Hattler)
Model Starship: Unclear Proof (UK/IT/DE 2014, installation loop, sound: Alexey Devyanin, Eduardo Noya Schreus
A Very Large Increase in the Size, Amount, or Importance of Something Over a Very Short Period of Time (RU/UK/DE 2013, 2’00”, sound/music: Julien Mier)
Unclear Proof (UK/IT/DE 2013, 0’45”, sound: Alexey Devyanin aka Pixelord)
Stop the Show (aka WAR) (UK/ES/DE 2013, 1’00”, sound: Oeo, Max Hattler)
Constant Sky (UK/RU/DE 2013, 11’00” fulldome 360° film, sound: Eduardo Noya Schreus)
X (UK/DE 2012, 6’00”, sound: Eduardo Noya Schreus)
Model Starship (UK/DE 2012, 0’40”, sound: Eduardo Noya Schreus)
Catch (UK/DE/JP 2012, 4’00”, co-directed with Noriko Okaku, music video, music: The Egg)
Nidden Partikel (UK/LT 2012, 1’00” loop, sound: Max Hattler)
Shift (UK/DE 2012, 3’00”, sound: David Kamp)
RE:AX (UK/DE 2011, 1’30”, sound/music: Eduardo Noya Schreus)
VIS Festival Trailer 2011 (UK/DE/AT 2011, 0’55”, music: schmid)
L’Ombelico del Mondo (UK/DE/IT 2011, 6’00” / variable length, concert visuals, music: Jovanotti)
Sync (DK/NL/UK/DE 2010, 9’00”, sound: Dennis van Tilburg)
Your Highness (UK/DE 2010, 3’00”, sound: Xavier Collet)
Spin (FR/UK/DE 2010, 3’55”, sound/music: Eclectic)
1925 aka Hell (DK/UK/DE 2010, 2’00” / loop, sound: Blake Overgaard)
1923 aka Heaven (DK/UK/DE 2010, 2’00” / loop, sound: Adrian Dexter)
Catch (UK/DE/JP 2009, variable, co-directed with Noriko Okaku, concert visuals, music: The Egg)
Nothing (UK/DE/JP 2009, variable, co-directed with Noriko Okaku, concert visuals, music: The Egg)
Where’s Your Head At (UK/DE 2009, 6’00”, concert visuals, music: Basement Jaxx)
AANAATT (UK/DE/JP 2008, 4’45”, music: Jemapur)
ET1: Anticipation (UK 2008, 0’20”, TV ident, music: Richard Martin at Envy)
IKEA: House or Home (UK 2007, 1’00”, commercial, sound: 750mph)
Drift (UK/DE 2007, 3’33”, music: Mark Bowden)
Mount Allen (UK/DE 2007, 3’40”, music video, music: Economy Wolf)
Theme for Yellow Kudra (UK/DE 2006, 3’05”, music: Economy Wolf)
Striper v0.1 (UK/DE 2006, 0’30”, sound: Pablo Gav)
Collision (UK/DE 2005, 2’30”, sound: Max Hattler)
Nachtmaschine (UK/DE 2005, 3’00” director’s cut / 4’00” original, music: Hellmut Hattler)
Everything Turns (UK 2004, 1’15”, sound: Max Hattler)
To Bed (UK/DE 2003, 3’00”, co-directed with Martin Heaton, music video, music: Hellmut Hattler)
Alpraum (UK 2001, 5’00”, co-directed with Martin Heaton, sound: Alex Marten)

distribution and credits

  • Animation June Chu Wing Yan, Chris MacFarlane
  • Sound designer Max Hattler, Matthias Kispert


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